© 2007 Christel Guarnier

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If I could I would...

If I could I would… If I could reach out over the sky
and touch your forehead I would.
If I could open up my arms so wide
that they folded backward around the world,
sweeping forward to catch all the birds at once to sing for you, I would do it.
I imagine your eyes and I pretend I can hear your voice, what you're saying.
I would smile, I would nod.
If I could be your friend, I would.
We gaze up at the same stars.
My river reaches your river,
through icy flows and distant seas.
We are loving sisters, though we have never met.
My postcard to you would read,
"All the best to you and a long life and much happiness!"

© 2007 Christel Guarnier

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